Will washing harm my rug? We specialize in washing hand made rugs. We have been doing it for a long time and have trained with the best instructors in the country. Still there is some risk involved with washing hand made rugs. There are so many variables regarding construction, country of origin, warp and weft fibers, yarns, dyes, repairs, age, soiling etc., that It’s not possible to guarantee there will no damage to a given rug. However, rug washing always extends the life of a rug and keeps the colors vibrant, and the nap pile soft and pliable. We take great care to minimize any risk to each rug we wash and have safely washed hundreds of Persian, oriental, Navajo, silk, antique, cotton and synthetic rugs with no incident of harm.

Will my rug bleed? It is possible that a rug may bleed. However we always test rugs for dye stability and we’re prepared for bleeding if it occurs. We can safely reduce the damage if dye migration occurs and in most case completely correct even pre-existing dye problems!

How long does it take to wash my rug? We like to have the rug for one to three weeks for a complete washing . it just depends on the characteristics of the rug as to how long it will take. Some rugs we can dust in 30 minutes and some take three hours to completely remove the dry soil from the rug. The same goes for the washing process. We try to return each rug as soon as possible.

Do you charge to pick up rugs? Yes we do have a $40 pickup and delivery fee in Spartanburg county.  Additional fees may be added for out of county addresses, rugs that are under beds, pianos and other cumbersome furniture.  You are welcome to setup an appointment to drop off rugs at our location to avoid these fees.


Will vacuuming harm my rug? No! Vacuuming will extend the life of your rug. Do not use a vacuum with a beater bar on your rug. If possible use the attachment for hardwood floors or upholstery, especially on and around fringe. Dry soil that can be vacuumed up is responsible for most wear and tear on rugs.

Should I rotate my rug? Yes, once a year will reduce the damage caused by foot traffic and sunlight!

Do I really need a rug pad? No. However a quality pad will hold the rug in place, reduce wear damage and be more comfortable to be on.

How do I clean spots? Use a safe neutral cleaner such as the Spot Out that we give all our customers. Use a tiny bit on an absorbent white towel to blot out most spots that you will get on your rug. Do not rub or scrub on your rug. This may cause irreversible damage. If the spot does not come out you should call us to remove it.


Is my rug worth repairing? In most cases the answer is yes. Left unrepaired the rug will continue to unravel. The sooner the repair is made the less expensive the repair will cost. Most good handmade rugs can last for generations. We have repaired rugs over 200 years old! We can give you an exact quote and offer advice on replacement costs.

How long will it take? It depends on the magnitude of the repairs. Small holes and tears can usually be repaired in a week or less. Over casting and selvedge repairs can take longer.

Will the repair lessen the value of my rug? Repairs that we make can almost always be reversed if desired! Repairs almost always extend the life, beauty and integrity of the rug.

Will the repair be noticeable? We use wool, cotton and nylon yarns in our repairs that are matched as closely as possible to the original yarns. However the yarns in some rugs are hundreds of years old and our yarns are relatively new. Still most repairs are unnoticeable to all except those who know where to look!


How much does it cost? It is hard to give an exact quote without seeing the scope of the job. Generally we charge $40-$50 per room for typical bedroom sized rooms and small dens. Sometimes master bedrooms and family rooms are a little more. We charge $3.00 to clean each stair. Small hallways and closets usually have no charge.

Do you move furniture? We move and clean under normal size couches, chairs, end tables and coffee tables and most things sitting around the furniture. This is included in our pricing We can move dressers, chests of drawers and other furniture but there will be some additional costs. Every piece of furniture that we move is set back in place with blocks or tabs under the legs to prevent furniture stains.

How long does it take to dry? We try to leave traffic lanes as dry as possible. We use great care to remove as much moisture as possible during the cleaning process and use air movers to dry areas most walked on. Two to Four hours is a typical drying time but it is subject to outside weather conditions.

How soon can we walk on it? Two hours after the carpet is groomed and dried, walking lanes are usually fine to walk on.

Will cleaning affect my carpet’s warranty? Most carpet manufacturers recommend professional cleaning of their carpet every year. Check with your retailer about specific warranty information. Many also require re-application of a stain resistant product. We use Dupont Teflon as our fabric protector which is highly regarded in our industry. The shampoo we use are specifically designed to meet ph standards from carpet manufacturers and will not void any stated warranty .

Will pet odors be removed? We use the best shampoos in the industry for all our cleaning process. Pet stains and odors are often hard to remove completely without removing the carpet to clean both sides and replacing the pad underneath the carpet. However, we use products designed for professional use only to topically clean pet stains. We take our time and treat and work each spot until we are satisfied with the result.

What process do you use or recommend? We recommend Hot Water Extraction, commonly known as steam cleaning. We have one of the top rated systems in the industry. We also have over twenty years experience and certifications from our Industry Regulators. We can also clean with Milliken Capture or Host for dry cleaning and we have a low moisture encapsulation process for interval cleaning.

Do you guarantee your work? Yes we do! If you are not completely satisfied with our work we will do it again until you are pleased with our effort and results!

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