The Marrakech Rug Washing Company is the culmination of 20 years of cleaning textile products in the South Carolina upstate. We are family owned and operated by Pat and Travis Phillips. Starting as P.S. Carpet Cleaning in 1997 with a focus on cleaning carpet for large commercial contracts such as hotels, colleges and industrial plants, we shifted our focus to residential homes and a few small commercial applications. We found that we could excel at delivering great personal service and building lasting relationships with our customers. All along the way we sought out top instructors and became certified in the fields of carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug washing, pet odor control, spot and stain removal, and even water damage remediation. In 2005 we had the opportunity to attend one of the top rug washing schools in the country where we learned to clean rugs completely submerged in water. The school taught a week long course that included dry soil removal , fringe detailing, minor repair drying, fiber identification, and most importantly, the science of washing and drying hand made rugs. We cleaned wool, silk and cotton rugs from around the world but mostly from Persia, China, India, and Turkey. Thus the love and appreciation of cleaning hand made rugs was instilled 
in us. In 2012 we made the decision to build a rug washing facility that included an area for inspection and repairs as well as dry soil removal, a wash pit where we could soak, scrub and rinse rugs, and a drying tower to accommodate multiple rugs. For us, washing rugs has become one of those experiences that people often talk about but rarely get the chance to do, find something you love to do and then it won't be work. By adding rug washing as a significant part of our business, we are able to separate ourselves from most carpet cleaning companies. We still enjoy serving our customers who have wall to wall carpet and look forward to every cleaning opportunity. Many have become friends over the years and we enjoy "catching up." Now with our new company, many of our customers ask about our name change. We chose the name Marrakech Rug Washing Company for several reasons. Marrakech is, of course, a city in Morocco. It is known for its bazaars where goods and textiles have been sold for hundreds of years. We kind of like the energy and passion they demonstrate for working with handmade rugs. Also, Marrakech is like a bohemian beacon for artists and craftsmen throughout the world. And finally, it is the part of the sound track in a rug cleaners life that resonates through the shop as rugs are gently, carefully and completely cleaned and restored to their full and vibrant color and life.

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