Marrakech's Rug Washing

After thorough training from the nation’s top rug cleaners, Marrakech has built a facility to completely wash and dry area rugs.  The process is very similar to washing clothes with a soak, agitate, and rinse “cycle.”

We inspect the front and back of the rug to determine the fiber, dye, and construction type. Then we assess any preexisting conditionsthe rugmay have.
We use industry leading equipment to safely remove as much dust and grit from the rug as possible before we submerge the rug in our wash pit.
First we flat dry the back side of the rug and then set the nap of the rug. It is then moved to a climate controlled drying tower for optimal drying conditions.
Excess water is removed by specialized equipment to speed up the drying process.
After dye testing we determine if the rug can be fully submerged in our pit or if it needs to be surfaced cleaned with hot water extraction (or another method).  If needed we use a dye stabilizer and then proceed to shampoo and rinse the rug using the safest method.  Both sides of the rug are scrubbed with the premier and safest scrubber on the market
After a final inspection, we vacuum and groom the rug to make sure the pile is in the correct position.  We then comb and detail the fringe and make any adjustments necessary.  Your rug is then tightly rolled for delivery or we can wrap it safely in plastic for storage..
Our Innovative 6 Step Process

Step 1: Pre-Inspection

Step 1

Step 2: Dusting/Vacuuming

Step 3: Washing

Step 3
Step 2

Step 4: Extracting

Step 5

Step 5: Drying

Step 6: Grooming/Detailing

Step 6
Step 4
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