Our truck-mounted extraction unit is the number-one-rated unit in the country.  We use only the best shampoos and products designed exclusively for the professional carpet-cleaning industry.

Our Process

Once we identify the type of material fibers, we select the proper shampoo and rinse.  Then we begin the following cleaning sequence for proven results every time:
Step 1
Vacuum - A commercial-grade vacuum cleaner removes dry soil.
Step 2
Furniture Protection - Furniture is moved and placed on plastic tabs or Styrofoam blocks to prevent furniture stains. 
Step 3
- Precondition - The shampoo is applied to emulsify soils and spots.
Step 4
- Pregrooming - A carpet rake or rotary machine is used to further loosen stains and soil.
Step 5
- Hot Water Extraction - The carpet is cleaned with 180 degree water to sanitize and deodorize.  Pressure is adjusted to ensure the carpet is not over wetted or damage.
Step 6
- Neutralizer - Carpet is returned to a neutral pH balance so no residue is left.
Step 7
- Drying & Grooming - Carpet is groomed with a carpet rake to set pile direction and fans are applied to speed up drying time.  Carpets should be dry within 2 to 4 hours depending on the level of humidity.  A carpet should never take longer than 24 hours to dry due to the risk of mold and mildew.
Please ask about our Teflon Protector to protect your carpet against food and beverage stains (additional cost)

Marrakech's Carpet Cleaning


Our truck-mounted extraction unit is the number-one-rated unit in the country
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